Wellstone Logo - RGB_ColorThe Mental Health Center of Madison County is proud to announce that we will be changing our doing business name to WellStone Behavioral Health, effective October 1, 2014.

Our new name is the culmination of a strategic planning process that gathered input from a wide variety of stakeholders in an effort to develop a more relevant brand that better describes who we are, positions us for future growth, and avoids the stigma often associated with our cause. Our goal is to be a more inclusive and accessible source of help for a broader array of people facing the challenges of a mental health and/or substance use disorder.

Why WellStone Behavioral Health? The word “Well” represents a focus on wellness rather than illness; “Stone” suggests a strong and firm foundation…much like the mountains that overlook our valley; and “Behavioral Health” signifies a broader mission that emphasizes the integrated health of the whole person.

Thanks to local partner Image In A Box for their guidance through this process and view their WellStone case study: WellStone Case Study Brochure – IIAB

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