Odds are the coronavirus pandemic has impacted your mental health.

From sending kids back to school to facing financial hardships, the pandemic has added many stressors to our lives. A recent report by the CDC found that 40% of adults in the U.S. are struggling with mental health issues due to the pandemic.

To help manage this stress, mental health professionals say to take more time to do what you enjoy, like reading.

WellStone Jail Diversion Program Manager, Tammy Leeth, said, “You can set aside ten minutes to read while you drink your coffee instead of drinking it when you’re on your way to work.”

Take frequent breaks, work out, and get outside in the fresh air to lift your mood. “Sunshine therapy is like the best thing right now, and we advise individuals to enjoy it,” said Leeth. A lot of couples are spending much more time at home together. This can actually put strain on a relationship. Make sure you’re getting enough alone time. “If the house is big enough, let them go to their side of the house and you come to yours because you need that alone time so that you can come back together,” said Leeth.

If you’re consistently feeling low and unmotivated, reach out to a therapist for help.

“When they feel they’re not able to get out of bed, and for those that do get out of bed, when they feel that they are overwhelmed with the day to day issues in the home that they just cannot take it, that’s when anxiety comes in. Reach out for help. There’s nothing wrong with talking with someone,” said Leeth.

WellStone works with people who can’t afford therapy. If you’ve lost your job or are on a tight budget and still want to seek help, give them a call at 256-533-1970. Right now, everything can be done through telehealth.

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