The WellStone Ropes Challenge Course is located adjacent to the main offices at 4040 S. Memorial Parkway in Huntsville (35802) and is used by individuals and groups to stretch potential, discover ability, and inspire growth within each participant. Certified instructors promote interpersonal skills during team training such as trust, leadership, communication, problem solving, decision-making, self-discovery, and interdependence.

The low ropes course takes place less than 5 feet above ground and involves physical and mental challenges to overcome. Teams encounter problems that require communication, trust, and responsibility in order to achieve success. The high ropes course takes place 30 feet above ground and activities focus on risk-taking, individual achievement, and self-confidence.

Registration and Fees: The ropes course is open year-round to any group of adults, teens, or children (must be 12 or older). There are corporate, therapeutic, non-profit, and special rates available. You can learn more about this service by contacting our lead instructor here.