My Experience of Gratitude: By Rashmi Jadeja Chauhan

For the past three years in a row, I have been blessed with the opportunity of doing volunteer work in India. While working there, I have felt great levels of gratitude, met new people, and helped to spread happiness to the human beings who came to the Shri Vidhyaguru Foundation Hospital in Savarkundla, Gujarat, India. Today, I’d like to share my amazing experience with you by describing it.

The hospital is created by Mr. Haresh Mehta, who is the president of the hospital and was born in Savarkundla. He and his team are dedicated to bringing free service to anyone who needs it; the team takes their own money and accepts donations to keep the services free to the any human beings. The kind individuals at the hospital have allowed me the opportunity to serve for three years in a row with my counseling services. This hospital has many branches to help people with their fitness and health; they include branches dealing with gynecology, pediatrics, dialysis, dentistry, physiotherapy, pathology, homeopathy, surgery, and many more. The Shri Vidhyaguru Foundation Hospital is truly an amazing place.

I had a variety of opportunities in Gujarat; these include speaking at schools and holding consoling sessions. In the Hospital, I was able to conduct 292 counseling sessions (combining the amount of family and individual sessions); these sessions were held with people from as low as the age of 5 to the age of 82. We held a special team-building/motivational meeting with the staff of the hospital (43 staff members in total). I spoke at a total of 6 schools (4 high schools, 1 college, and 1 school with high school and college combined). At these schools, I spoke to about 2,700 students and staff at all of these schools; I spoke about motivation, self-esteem, goal setting and more positive messages. At one high school, we decided to get all 675 students ice cream in 100+ degrees temperatures; the nearest ice cream place from the high school was over 50 miles away, but we were able to enjoy ice cream in high school with all the students and staff. These were some of the highlights of my trips that filled enormous amount of joy.

It is true that positive energy evokes more energy, more initiative, and more happiness I experienced that!

Overall, I am humbled and grateful to have been able serve so many wonderful human beings. I love to make positive difference in individual’s life and I am excited to go back again.  I am very grateful to my family, friends and all the well-wishers around the globe.

Attached photos describes what words can’t described……

Thank you…..!!!

Photos of Gratitude from Rashmi Chauhan.
Photo slideshow from Rashmi Chauhan.