The NOVA Madison First Episode Psychosis Program (FEP) provides early identification, intervention and comprehensive treatment services for young adults aged 15-25 who are experiencing psychosis. Services are research and evidence-based. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about FEP, click here.

What We Do:
We provide early identification and intervention services based on the contributions of multiple service providers. The result is a shared decision-
making approach that enables young adults to find resilience and psychological well-being.

Services Offered:

  • Training and consultation for organizations and individuals
  • Outreach, specialized assessment and linkage to appropriate care
  • Comprehensive assessment, treatment and shared decision-making
  • Person-centered goals
  • Psychiatric and counseling services
  • Psycho-education for individuals and families
  • Family groups and peer support
  • Opportunities where individuals come together
  • Supported employment and education

Who Should be Referred?
Individuals experiencing new, significant and worsening difficulties in several of the following areas:

Reduced Performance

  • Negative changes in school performance
  • Trouble in reading or understanding sentences
  • Trouble speaking or understanding others
  • Trouble in sports or other activities that used to be easy

Behavior Changes

  • Extreme fear with no apparent reason
  • Unexplained changes in sleep, appetite and/or concentration
  • Decline in function
  • Disorganized communication
  • Change in appearance and hygiene withdrawal and social isolation
  • Impulsiveness
  • Recklessness
  • New bizarre beliefs

Perceptual Changes

  • Fear others are trying to hurt them
  • Thinking they are gifted or have special abilities
  • Heightened sensitivity to sounds
  • Racing thoughts or thought insertion
  • Making statements like “my brain is playing tricks on me”
  • Hearing voices others do not
  • Reporting visual changes (colors are more intense, faces are distorted)
  • Believing others are reading their thoughts

Additional Referral Guidelines:

  • Duration of symptoms of psychosis within the past 12 months (not caused solely by medical conditions, trauma, drug/alcohol use) and absence of intellectual disability;
  • Must reside in Madison County.

Get Started:

  • To submit a referral, start by sending a referral form to or fax at 256.705.6479.
  • Once a referral is received, the potential client is contacted and the screening and
    assessment process will begin.
  • The therapist and psychiatrist determine if FEP is the right course for the individual. If so, the individual is admitted. If not, the individual is referred to another service that will best fit his or her needs.

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