From checking in with friends to checking in with healthcare providers, it is crucial to take the time to manage your health and your children’s. They may not say they’re stressed, but they will show it.

“Any type of change in a student’s regular behavior,” said WellStone School-Based Therapy Program Manager Brittany Scott, “whether it’s an increase in worry or decrease and they really don’t want to be around other people, whether it’s more irritability, whether it’s they’re having trouble sleeping or they’re sleeping too much. I would probably say also a change in their school performance or just avoiding school performance in general.”

WellStone provides school-based counseling and behavioral health services to students in Huntsville City, Madison City and Madison County. Despite these school systems starting the year away from their campuses, WellStone will continue to provide these services through teletherapy.

“Make sure you advocate for your child,” said Scott. “Speak with the school counselors, speak with the collaborators that are there. And just make sure that whatever needs that you need for your child is communicated to the school and any other additional resources within the school.”

The CDC also provides warning signs and ways to manage that stress for both children and teenagers.

“Everyone is going through this,” said Scott. “Everyone kind of responds differently. Just because you’re feeling this way doesn’t mean no one else is feeling that way. It’s just important for all of us to come together and support each other.”

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