WellStone CCO Josaylon Henry

And then the rise, again. With thoughts from WellStone CCO Josaylon Henry.

Res·o·lu·tion /ˌrezəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n/ — A firm decision to do or not do something. 

On January 1, goal-setting takes on a new persona. She’s #glamorous and #trendy. Maybe it’s that “everybody’s doing it” feeling, or the idea of a fresh start, but it’s an annual opportunity to make a change with motivation and hope standing tall in our corner. 

We set one resolution (or five), each of us with the same optimism: “This year will be better.” 

Inevitably, many of those goals lose their luster. But that doesn’t mean you throw in the towel. A few thoughts on this from WellStone’s Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) Josaylon Henry: 

The same things that were important yesterday, are still important today.  

“It’s about what’s important to the individual. What they want more of. In order to have a better outcome for themselves,” says Henry. “Recognize that it was important enough to you to begin with. So you can just get back into it,” she continues. 

We need the same things we have always needed. 

If we’re focusing on goals to support our mental health (and around here, we always are), recognize the importance of not re-inventing the wheel. It’s less about creative goal-setting and more about consistent goal-keeping. 

“Go outside, get enough sleep, eat nutritious foods, exercise, stay hydrated, choose gratitude (not toxic positivity), practice mindfulness (e.g. stillness, meditation, reflection), cultivate meaningful relationships, do things that make you laugh, and have compassion for yourself,” says every mental-health-focused article… ever

The reality is, the human experience hasn’t changed.  

“I mean yeah, that’s it,” says Josaylon Henry. She affirms that there’s really nothing special to add to the list. 

Among the most important for Henry… “Definitely drink more water,” she says. “Although I’m not doing a very good job of that today,” she laughs and picks up the full water bottle from her desk. 

It’s hard to keep going. 

Find the “New Year effect” any time of year. 

Find that “everybody’s doing it” feeling or the momentum of a “fresh start” again. If you’ve already stopped trying to reach your goals, Henry shares these tips. 

Find your own fresh start. “If you need a new ‘start’ date, look at birthdays, anniversaries, the beginning of the month.  Any time you feel there is a need or desire within. Just do it,” encourages Henry. 

Find or create a space where “everybody’s doing it.”  “People like challenges, encouragement, and inspiration from others. If they partner with someone that has the same type of goals/resolutions, it keeps them accountable and can help them on their journey,” she says. 

Can you think of others with similar goals? What about someone you could convince to join you in goal-setting (and keeping) for a better month, better year and better life?