Pictured left to right: WES Director Paula Steele, WES Children’s Psychiatrist Dr. Edgar Finn, IronMountain Solutions CEO Hank Isenberg, WellStone CCO Josaylon Henry, WellStone Director of Development Karen Petersen, IronMountain Solutions Executive Coordinator Kim Moody, WellStone CEO Jeremy Blair

WellStone thanks IronMountain Solutions CEO Hank Isenberg for strengthening mental health care in North Alabama. His generous $100,000 gift to WellStone’s Be the Rock capital campaign is helping build a strong foundation of compassion, connection, and community for adults—and children—in mental health and substance abuse crisis.

“Supporting this project means contributing to a vital safety net for children’s mental health, ensuring they receive the immediate care they require,” said Isenberg. “It is a crucial investment in our community’s future that I am honored to take part in.”

WellStone Emergency Services (WES), a 24/7 emergency care center for men and women in mental health and substance abuse crises, opened its doors in October 2022. WES served more than 1400 unique clients in its first year and currently admits more than 140 individuals every month. This innovative program is changing and saving lives. The pediatric wing addition, scheduled for completion this fall, is expected to have the same lifesaving impact on our youth.

“The challenges of mental health continue to grow, resulting in the need for these services to evolve,” said Isenberg. “There is a direct impact that these challenges have on the community’s education systems, workforce development, and safety.”

Huntsville is the largest city in the state, yet there is no inpatient psychiatric care for our kids. As a result, HEMSI transports 800 kids out of county, or out of state, every year.  

“The community’s support is tremendous,” said Jeremy Blair, WellStone’s Chief Executive Officer. “To see donors like Hank contribute so generously is incredible. These investments will help some of our youngest, and most vulnerable, community members get the critical help they need when they need it.”

Isenberg and members of his team recently toured WellStone Emergency Services, and checked out the construction progress on our pediatric wing addition. To recognize his gift, WellStone named the WES Adult Lobby in his honor.

Pictured left to right: IronMountain Solutions CEO Hank Isenberg and WellStone CEO Jeremy Blair

“There’s a saying we incorporate at IMS,” Isenberg shared. “’Do it. Do it right. Do it right now.’ This need within our community warrants this motto. It’s an ideal occasion to ‘do it, do it right, and do it right now.’ By addressing mental health needs right now, we build the foundation for a stronger, flourishing future for everyone.”

With Isenberg’s gift, WellStone has raised nearly $1.4 million of its $2.5 million goal.  

To view photos from Isenberg’s visit, view our Flickr page.

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