Pictured left to right: WellStone Director of Development Karen Petersen, SimTech CEO Dr. Annie Saylor, WellStone CCO Josaylon Henry, WES Director Paula Steele

As we prepare for our third and final year of WellStone’s Be the Rock capital campaign, we continue recognizing major donors who have helped us approach $1.1 million in donations and pledges.  

We are grateful for everyone who has helped us build better mental healthcare for adults (and soon children), in crisis, including Dr. Annie Saylor.  The SimTech CEO made her generous gift in memory of her sister, Nannie Saylor Adams, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 22.  

“Due to my personal experience with my sister’s mental illness and my advocacy for people with mental illness, I view this as a very important part of our community’s responsibility to take care of those who are ill,” explained Saylor. 

We named one of two quiet rooms at WellStone Emergency Services (WES) in memory of Nannie. Clients can use the room to meet one-on-one with a therapist, read a book, or simply decompress. 

Saylor said she was happy to participate in the Be the Rock campaign, and fill gaps in crisis care.  But she also supports other WellStone programs. Saylor has provided holiday parties, décor, and toiletries for our group home clients, and her company is hosting a toy drive for WellStone’s Sensory Inclusive Santa event on December 16. Saylor realizes nonprofit mental health centers like WellStone need philanthropic support now more than ever. 

“We have a mental health crisis in this country because we continually fail to adequately fund providers and reward good programs,” said Saylor. “Mental illness affects one in four families; health insurance still does not cover adequately; and many with mental health issues do not have adequate incomes to pay for insurance or (mental health) care.” 

If you’d like to join Saylor and others in supporting WellStone, please click here.

Saylor lost her sister just over two years ago. Despite several rough years early on, Nannie eventually got on the right treatment regimen. She had two children, and five beautiful grandchildren.  

Some years ago, Saylor wrote a beautiful essay about her sister, her sister’s illness, and their special relationship. With Saylor’s permission, we include it here

WellStone is grateful for your support, regardless of donation size or type. Here are four ways to make a gift to WellStone. Each contribution makes a difference. Give a gift on Giving Tuesday to support life-changing and lifesaving mental healthcare and substance abuse treatment services. Mental illness and substance use disorders affect all of us, either directly or indirectly.

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